Feff World FAQ

Here's a list of some Frequently Asked Questions that we get here at Feff World. Read them over, because frankly we're tired of hearing them from you day in and day out.

1. Who was Secretary of the Treasury under Garfield?
William Windom from Minnesota

2. What was Omar Sharif's original name?
Michael Shalhoub

3. How many grams are in a Drachma?

4. Who was the genius that invented the ice-making machine?
Gorrie, an American, in 1851

5. Who was the overall #1 pick in the 1980 NBA draft?
Joe Barry Carroll

6. What is the zip code for Draper, Utah?

7. How much Whiskey is in a Jigger?
1.5 shots or ounces

8. Who was treasurer for Arkansas under Gov. Clinton?
Jimmie Lou Fisher Lumpkin (I don't make this up)

9. How many medals did the Virgin Islands bring home in the '88 Summer Olympics in Seoul?
One (silver)

10. What award goes to college hockey's player of the year?
The Hobey Baker Award

11. Whatever happened to Ken Curtis?
Sadly he died on April 28th 1991, at age 74

12. Who's Ken Curtis?
An actor best known as Festus on the "Gunsmoke" TV series

13. Who caught the biggest Jewfish?
Lynn Joyner snagged the 680 pound beauty

14. How many magnums are in a Methuselah?

15. What are the colors of Nortwestern Louisiana University?
Burnt orange and yellow

16. What do you call a young kangaroo?
a joey

17. Where is the languge of Ho spoken?
The Bihar and Orissa states of India

18. What's FOB
An abbreveation for freight on board

19. What's FOD
My favorite Green Day song

20. Who was the only baseball player ever to hit a ball out of Yankee Stadium.
Josh Gibson

21. Who won the Spingarn Medal in 1957?
Mrs. Daisy Bates and the Little Rock Nine

22. What was Barry Goldwater's greatest achievement?
His induction into the National Cowboy Hall of Fame

23. What is the all-time bestselling children's book?
The Tale of Peter Rabbit - Beatrix Potter

24. What are the odds against getting a straight in a poker hand?
254 to 1

25. What's the phone number of the Cleveland Crunch of the Major Soccer League?

26. If I had $100 invested in a bank with 6% interest compounded annually, how much interest would I earn in 4 years?

27. When is Vinegrower's Day in Bulgaria?
January 14th

28. When is the next year of the Ox?

29. What day will Christmas be on in the year 2027?

30. Where does the Akron University football team play its home games?
The Rubber Bowl

31. What is the sixth warning signal of cancer?
Obvious change in wart or mole

32. What was the former name of Gdansk, Poland?

33. What's the maximum recorded lifespan of the gila monster?
24 years, 7 months

34. What's a parliament?
A bunch of owls

35. Who was South American Soccer player of the year in 1983?

36. How long did Pedro II, Emperor of France, reign?
58 years (1831-1889)

37. What do Leonardo da Vinci, Harpo Marx, and Gerald Ford all have in common?
All were lefthanded

38. What was Hernando Cortes' estimated IQ?

39. How old was Churchill when he wrote "A History of the English-Speaking Peoples?"

40. In 1984, what world record did Ernesto Canto set?
The 20 kilometers walk (1:18:40:0)

41. What type of plane did the Red Baron, Rittmeister Manfred Richtofen, fly?
A Fokker Dr I

42. How did Allan Pinkerton Die?
He bit his tounge and died of gangrene

43. Who fixed the 1919 World Series?
Arnold Rothstein

44. Who is the top financial contributer to the U.N.?
Who do you think? (Get US out!)

45. Who won best in show at the 1924 Westminster Dog Show?
Barberryhill Bootlegger

46. What is Boren's First Law?
When in doubt, mumble

47. What's the Ninth Commandment?
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house

48. What's is the Ninth Amendment?
The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not
be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people

49. What did Clark Gable do before he started acting?
He was a lumberjack

50. Who was the money-leading horse in 1974?
Barberry Bootlegger

51. Name me three good American Arabs.
Paul Anka, Ralph Nader, and Danny Thomas

52. Who is on the $100,000 bill?
Woodrow Wilson (former Governor of New Jersey)

53. What do Edgar Allan Poe and Timothy Leary have in common?
Both attended West Point, but didn't graduate

54. If I am hanging someone who weighs 168 pounds, how much drop should I give him?
8 feet 8 inches

55. Who was the money-leading horse in 1974?
Chris Evert

56. What part of the Iris is poisonous?
The underground stems

57. Who was the sixth man in space?
Malcolm Scott Carpenter

58. What is the annual growth rate of the Falkland Islands?

59. What are those coverings on the end of shoelaces called?

60. Who was the Professional Bowlers Association's player of the year in 1986?
Walter Ray Williams, Jr.

61. What's the most common surname in the Netherlands?
De Vries

62. Who played Castro in the movie classic, "Che!"?
Jack Palance

63. What pen name did Charles Dickens sometimes use?

64. How long does it take for an atomic nucleus to recoil?
One Attosecond

65. When was the last time France won the Davis Cup in tennis?

66. How much energy is released when a typewriter key is pressed down?
1,000,000 ergs

67. What is the ideal temperature for a baby's bath?
100 Degrees Fahrenheit

68. What's the wavelength of red light?
0.0007 millimeters

69. How far away is the ultimate horizon?
20-billion light-years away (according to Hubble's Law)

70. Who won the first Daytona 500 in 1962?
Fireball Roberts

71. What do Frank Sinatra and Josip Broz Tito have in common?
Both were high school dropouts

72. What's the traditional gift for the tenth wedding aniversary?
Tin (or aluminum)

73. How much did Marilyn Monroe's brain weigh?
50.79 ounces

74. What was Warren G. Harding's shoe size?

75. Who was IBF flyweight champ in 1987?
Dobie Penalosa

76. Was Sir Isaac Newton a swinger?
No, he died a virgin (I guess gravity was tough on him)

77. What was Jackie Onassis' favorite meal when dining out?
A large baked potatoe, split and heaped with fresh caviar, and a glass of champagne

78. Who's the Jimi Hendrix of the Sitar?
Ravi Shankar

79. Who's the Ravi Shankar of the harmonica?
John Popper (of Blues Traveler)

80. Who was the best white heavyweight boxer in the last five years?
I don't know. Gerry Cooney?

81. How many calories will I burn throwing a frisbee for an hour?

82. How many fly eggs can be found in an 100 gram sample of tomato paste?

83. What type of bean has the highest level of flatulence?
The soybean

84. How many cigars did General Grant smoke on the second day of the Battle of Wilderness?

85. Who was the worst baseball batting champ ever?
Snuffy Stirnweiss- led American League in 1945 batting .309

86. What was the only canibal tribe to inhabit North America?
The Kwatiutl Indian tribe

87. What was Chiang Kai-Shek's brain radiation level?
375 biometric units

88. When did women gain suffrage in Indonesia?

89. What was Mao Zedong before he was the Father of Chinese Communism?
He was assistant to the chief librarian of the University of Peking

90. Who was coach of the national champion Michigan football teams in 1901 and 1902?
Hurry Up Yost

91. Who was the best offensive lineman for the Canadian Football League in 1989?
Rod Connop, C, Edmonton

92. If it's 12 noon in Dayton, Ohio, what time is it in Fairbanks, Alaska?
8 am

93. Who was Loyola Marymount playing when Hank Gathers died?
The Portland Pilots

94. How many performances of the Oh, Calcutta revival were there?

95. What band was formed by child-prodigy sculptor, Don Van Vliet in 1964?
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band

96. Who was mayor of Hopatcong from 1936-1965?
Fred Modick

97. What was the name of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer's second album?

98. Who was baseball's manager of the year in 1945?
Ossie Bluege (Washington)

99. Who was leader of the White Panther Party, and manager of the MC5?
John Sinclair

100. Who was named ambassador to China in 1979?
Leonard Woodcock (huh, uh, he said Woodcock)

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