The Race For President

You realize that with his popularity at a low point, Newt Gingrich would be little help to you. So you quietly exit the bathroom and scan the party room for your target, Bob Dole. You spot him in the corner sharing a nice glass of chocolate milk with Senator Orrin Hatch. Although Senator Hatch is in the way, you still may be able to sneak over there and empty the contents of the poison vile, which you have in your back pocket, in Dole's drink. However, you suddenly remember that your friend Hector, who is a mechanic, lives near-by, and if you call him, he may be able to come down and rig the brakes of Dole's limo. Hector will be more than willing to help out; he has been in debt with you ever since you worked at a 7-11 and slipped him free adult magazines. The end is clear, you just have to decide on the right means.

If you decide to try and slip poison in Dole's drink, click here

If you decide to call your friend Hector to rig Dole's brakes, click here