The Race For President

Complying to your request, your campaign manager books you a spot on This Week with David Brinkley. The only reason that he could get you on the show, however, was because you were the last person to talk to Bob Dole before he died. So when the show begins, and you're all pumped to talk about running for president, all you get is questions about your last conversation with Bob Dole. As you get more and more annoyed about talking about the whole wood racket/graphite racket debate you had with Dole, you casually begin to change the topic to the free-for-all for the Republican nomination. After Sam Donaldson finishes talking about how now Steve Forbes and Pat Buchanan have new hope in the race for president, you mention how you are considering running for the Republican nomination yourself. Suddenly there is complete silence in the studio, and then David Brinkley, Sam Donaldson, and George Will burst into loud laughter. Your face turns bright red in anger. "I don't have to take this shit." you think to yourself.

As they continue laughing, one side of you wants to just get up and leave, but the other side wants you to stay and defend yourself, and your position. Growing more and more angry, you consider the two options.

If you decide to get up and leave the show, click here

If you decide to stay and defend yourself, click here