The Race For President

You immediately call back Vito and ask him if he knows any hit men that may be willing to assassinate the president. Although he still thinks you are crazy, he gives you the name and number of some guy he knows who would do the job. You call the guy referred by Vito, and he agrees to assassinate President Clinton. You agree to give him half the money up front, and half when the job is completed, so he says he will stop by tomorrow to pick up the first half of his money.

The next day you hear a knock at your door. You open the door and six FBI agents storm into your apartment with their guns drawn. It seems your old friend Vito turned you in. In exchange for Vito setting the trap to catch you, the Feds have agreed to ignore some evidence that have on him. So once again you help your friend Vito stay out of jail, but now you'll be the one spending a lot of time there.

Your aunt's money will now all be taken away from you and given to her favorite charity, The Association for Retired Lingerie Models. Ironically, you have been doing some lingerie modeling lately; yeah, for all you new friends at the state penitentiary.


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