The Race For President

Although the man is somewhat disappointed that you rejected his offer, he still agrees to be part of your team of investigators looking into Whitewater. "I want to serve my country." You explain to him. Although you're even beginning not to buy that bullshit anymore.

After a week of non-stop investigation, your team hits pay dirt. They dig up exactly what you need to impeach Clinton. The evidence in undeniable. However, it is not long after you find the evidence, that the man who made the original offer of embezzling the money out of the country comes to talk to you again.

"Listen buddy," He says to you. "Even if Clinton does get impeached, the chances of you becoming president are still very slim. Let's just take what we got, and use it to bribe him. We'll have Clinton in the palm of our hands, we'll make out like bandits."

Recognizing that it is a feasible plan, without many of the risks of the first one, you think long and hard about it. You are just going have to search deep inside yourself and find out how badly you really want to become president.

If you decide to use the evidence to bribe Clinton, click here

If you decide to use the evidence to impeach Clinton, click here