The Race For President

Convincing your lawyer that you need a large cash advance for the campaign, you fill four big gym bags with enough money to survive comfortably on for a lifetime and a half. Your new partner in crime takes you to the airport, where you are to catch a plane to Switzerland. Everything in already set up. In Switzerland you have a large house in the Alps awaiting you, where you will live the rest of your life in luxury. Giving your partner his share of the money, you prepare to depart.

As you are going through customs, however, a customs agent asks you what is inside the four large gym bags. Becoming so nervous that you start to sweat, you quickly think on how you want to handle the situation. You figure you could outright refuse to tell him what is in the gym bags, or you could just make something up. Either way, you just can't let him find out what is really in the bags. As the agent asks you again what is inside the gym bags, you try to quickly come to a decision.

If you decide to refuse to tell him what is in the gym bags, click here

If you decide to just make something up about the content of the gym bags, click here