The Race For President

Sucking in your pride, you decide to take all the mental tests. And to everybody's surprise, except yours, you pass them all with flying colors. You always knew you weren't crazy; a little eccentric maybe, but definitely not crazy.

With your sanity proven, you are scheduled to testify before the Senate committee two days from now. All you have to do, you think to yourself, is stick to you story, answer a few questions, and then they would have no other option than to impeach President Clinton.

The next day you get a phone call from a reporter at the tabloid news show Hard Copy. He says that Hard Copy is willing to buy your story from you for five million dollars, if you don't tell it to any other show. However, you were given strict instructions by the Senate committee not to talk to the press before you give your testimony. They tell you that if you take your story to the press, then you will lose all your creditability. It's a choice between five million dollars, and a shot at getting President Clinton impeached and making a run at the presidency.

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