The Race For President
The Race for President

a Feff World Interactive Story

Welcome to a brand new feature to Feff World, the interactive story. Basically what an interactive story is, is a story where you, the reader, are called upon to make key decisions throughout the story that will affect the story-line. This format was first introduced in the early 80's with the Choose Your Own Adventure series of children books, and it is a natural fit for the Internet, and for Feff World. So now instead of just reading what I write, you can get involved, and make decisions of your own! Don't forget, if you decide to stop reading halfway through the story, bookmark where you are so you can continue at that spot next time.

In this particular story, you take the identity of an average guy who, by some odd circumstances, is running for president. From the decisions you make when prompted, you determine your own success or failure. And feel free to keep reading it again and again, for there are over 25 possible, unique endings to choose from! So get ready to throw your hat in the ring, and enjoy.