The Race For President

You cordially accept the invitation to appear on `The Regis and Kathie Lee Show,' giving to you because you were the last person to talk to Bob Dole before he died. You are scheduled to be the third and final guest on this morning's show, so you are sent backstage to wait until it is your time to go on.

Patiently you wait backstage, reading a copy of `Auto Sound & Security' magazine. After you finish thinking about how many sub-woofers you could buy for your Buick Skylark with all your aunt's money, you realize that forty-five minutes has already gone by, and you start to wonder when you are going to get on the show. With only ten minutes left in the show, Gellman, the producer, comes backstage to talk to you. He explains that because it took seven callers to get the trivia question right, and since the two other guests, Rosie O' Donnell and Travis Tritt, took longer than expected, there will be no time for you on today's show. But he also adds that if you are willing, you can come back tomorrow and be the first guest to go on. Slightly perturbed, you think the situation over, wondering whether it is really worth coming back tomorrow. Gellman leaves you alone to think it over as he watches the close of the show.

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