The Race For President

You decide to run as a Republican, and being that you are now among the top ten richest people in the world, the choice was quite natural. However you realize that there is a huge roadblock in your path to the presidency. Since your Aunt Methyl died after the primary season, Bob Dole already won the Republican nomination. "If there only was some way to eliminate him." You wryly think to yourself.

The next day you find yourself at a big fund raiser for Bob Dole. Your lawyer/campaign manager planned it as a great opportunity to meet people, and make some connections; but you wisely realize that it is your only chance to get rid of Bob Dole. If you want to be president, Bob Dole must die, and you're the one who has to kill him. The only thing left to decide is how. You figure there are two options: 1. you can try and scare him so he has a heart attack; or 2. you can slip poison into his drink.

If you decide to try and scare him so he has a heart attack, click here

If you decide to slip poison into his drink, click here