The Race For President

Realizing that assassination is too messy, and sex scandals are things for the tabloids, which rarely work, you decide to try and get President Clinton implicated in a real estate scandal. Luckily for you, he is already in the middle of one, with that whole Whitewater deal. You figure all you have to do is to somehow prove some connection between Clinton and the Whitewater scandal, and criminal acts. To accomplish this, you are going to have to spare some of your aunt's money.

You take several million of your aunt's money, and use it to hire the best private investigators in the country to look into Whitewater, and try and find a way to connect President Clinton to the whole mess. When one of the investigators inquires about the source of your money, and the reason you want President Clinton impeached so badly, you tell him the whole story about the situation with your aunt, her money, and running for president. After hearing your story, he suggests that instead of running for president, he could help you sneak the money out of the country, and set up a Swiss bank account. Of course he would expect a large sum of money for repayment, but with all your aunt's money, it would be pocket change.

You carefully consider the man's offer, realizing that it would be very risky, and that deep down there is still something in you that wants to be president.

If you decide to reject the man's offer, click here

If you decide to accept the man's offer, click here