The Race For President

"President Clinton tried to force me to have sex with him." You say into about fifteen microphones, while the cameras taking thousands of pictures of you flash brightly, and click incessantly.

Aside from a few immature snickers, the room filled of reporters and journalists is silent in shock over your accusation. President Clinton denies the ridiculous charge, and calls you a fame hungry cook. However, many Republican senators are outraged over the charges, and are calling for a complete Congressional investigation of them. New York Senator Alfonse Damato quickly forms a committee to investigate the matters fully.

Before starting the investigation, many senators on the committee want to make sure that you really aren't just some lunatic, so they call for you to undergo a complete psychological exam. You, frankly, feel offended over the request of taking a psychological exam, thinking that you don't have to prove your sanity to anyone. However, the members of the committee, especially the Democrats, are still pressuring you to take the mental tests. Realizing these tests are solely voluntary, you consider your options.

If you decide to undergo a complete psychological exam, click here

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